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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  Can I use your beats?

Yes, WATERMARKED beats can be downloaded FREE for promotional/non-profit use ONLY.  Permission is not needed and credit is appreciated.  Non-Exclusive beats can be purchased for promotional in the BEAT STORE.

Q.  Where can I get UNMARKED beats?

Visit the BEAT STORE and purchase NON-EXCLUSIVE mp3 copies at marked prices (USD).  For all Non-Exclusive beats, there's ONE (1) watermark in the beginning of the beat.  Buy EXCLUSIVE beats via special email inquiry.

Q.  What's the difference between FREE Mp3's, NON-Exclusive Copies, and EXCLUSIVE Download use?

FREE Watermarked Mp3's:

FREE to download for promotional/non-profit use, NO permission needed, beats are watermarked.

NON Exclusive Mp3's:

MUST be purchased for commercial rights and usage (prices are subject to change).  ONE (1) watermark present in beginning of beat instead of playing throughout music track.  NON-Exclusive downloads are delivered & sold in mp3 format.  Music producer (GabeTrieuMusic) retains rights to resell any said beat until EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS have been PURCHASED & SOLD by another party.  Parties who purchased said Non-Exclusive copies retain their commercial use rights if said beat was purchased BEFORE said EXCLUSIVE BEAT has been SOLD.

EXCLUSIVE Downloads:

MUST be purchased for $200.00 (USD) each to be granted FULL commercial rights of use; beat can NO LONGER be sold to other parties by music producer (GabeTrieuMusic).  FREE watermarked mp3 versions can still be downloaded for promotional/non-profit use.  Parties who purchased Non-Exclusive Copies BEFORE Exclusive rights have been SOLD will retain their rights to commercially use beats.  EXCLUSIVE beats will be SOLD and delivered in Mp3 & .WAV format with an additional delivery of FL project file if available or upon request.  Exclusive Beats can be purchased via email inquiry and paypal.

Q.  Are you open to collaborations/shared projects?

Yes!  Email  me with questions, comments, and inquiries, along with project details and we'll see where we go from there.  For collaborative projects, beat rights are equally shared by both parties and, sales of Non Exclusive copies are independently handled by each party individually.  Music credit MUST be given and be recognized by both collaborating parties.  Regarding exclusive beat sales, both collaborating parties will relinquish ownership rights to new purchasing party and will not be allowed to continue sales of Non Exclusive copies.

Website Terms of Use

Upon using this website and all of its contents (GabeTrieuMusic.com), users agree to abide by rules and conditions set by the site's owner, GabeTrieuMusic.  All content (intellectual & digital) belongs to site owner and, GabeTrieuMusic holds no responsibility for monetary damages from non-permitted purchases of digital content.  Unless there is a serious issue pertaining to the actual digital product of GabeTrieuMusic, NO REFUNDS will be given after purchase and download of product.  Cases are handled and examined individually at site's owner discretion for review and resolve.  GabeTrieuMusic reserves the right to refuse any request in regards to service outside of music sales.  For emphasis, all users agree to follow and abide by these rules and conditions.