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More than Beats...

Beat-making's been a fun hobby and creative outlet since 2009.  A producer friend gave me a sample of his work and immediately, I was inspired.  After experimenting with FL studio, my beats slowly developed as I discovered new sounds and better understood how beats worked from watching Youtube tutorials.

In 2010, I debuted my first music track hit, "Stress Attack," on Youtube and was given the opportunity to potentially produce for "Aftermath Entertainment."  At the time, however, I wasn't skilled enough to produce professional beats at an industry level so my application was dismissed toward the end of the testing process.

But because of this, I had confidence to continue creating beats after my skills were recognized by an industry professional.  Soon after, I joined an indie company, "Vanilla Games," as an audio lead for small game projects while releasing and selling beats on Youtube in 2012.  I was also an admin board member of an amateur music community, the "San Diego/Los Angeles Collaborators."

Summer 2014, my laptop crashed and I lost years of music projects along with my VST's, instruments, and drum kits.  A friend helped recover some files but my work was now corrupt and lost.  In addition, the platform hosting my music store was shut down along with my site.  So, I went on hiatus.

Presently, I'm making beats part time while I sharpen other talents towards a career.  I have beats yet to be released and it's only a matter of time.

Looking forward, thank you for continued support and encouragement through the years and I hope to continue producing music.  Whether you listen to my tracks to create your own music or listen for your own entertainment, it means a lot to have my music enjoyed by fans.

Thank you and stay tuned for more beats!

Best Regards Always

- Gabe

G. the Producer